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Book titles in italics
Date Speaker Topic
June 1992 Mark Dunkelman Rhode Island Native Generals
September 1992 Virginia Adams On the Altar of Freedom
October 1992 Thomas Turner Lincoln's Assassination
November 1992 film showing "The Birth of a Nation"
January 1993 open meeting Round Table Discussion
February 1993 Frank Williams Collecting Lincolniana
March 1993 Dan McConaghy Second Day at Gettysburg
April 1993 Joseph Frank Seeing the Elephant
May 1993 view collections at Rhode Island Historical Society
June 1993 Maury Klein The Fort Sumter Crisis
September 1993 Michael Burlingame The Lincoln Marriage
October 1993 Shirley Barrett Voices From the Civil War
November 1993 First Annual Dinner Meeting  
  Richard N. Current Lincoln's Loyalists
January 1994 Gardiner Shattuck Religion and Confederate Defeat
February 1994 meeting canceled because of snowstorm  
March 1994 Anthony Nicolosi The Naval Academy in Newport
April 1994 R. & M. Parmenter portray A Civil War Surgeon and Nurse
May 1994 view collections at Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection
June 1994 Andrew German 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry
September 1994 Will Hare U.S. Engineer Battalion
October 1994 Bill Hunter 30th and 50th Wisconsin
November 1994 Second Annual Dinner Meeting  
  Harold Holzer The Civil War in Art
January 1995 Les Rolston Samuel Postelthwaite
February 1995 William F. Hanna Lincoln's 1860 Visit to Rhode Island
March 1995 Noah Dennen Medford Historical Society Photo Collection
April 1995 David Riley Textile Industry Links R.I. and the South
May 1995 view collections at Providence Public Library
June 1995 Edward Renehan The Secret Six
September 1995 Tom Shanahan Sullivan Ballou
October 1995 Phil DiMaria Battery B, 1st R.I. Light Artillery
November 1995 Third Annual Dinner Meeting  
  William Marvel Andersonville: The Last Depot
January 1996 Wayne Rowe Robert E. Lee and Leadership
February 1996 William E. Gienapp Presidential Leadership of Abraham Lincoln
March 1996 Pamela Lucashu portrays U.S. Sanitary Commission
April 1996 Bruce Trinque Evolution of Tactics, 14th Connecticut
May 1996 view collections at Varnum Armory, East Greenwich
June 1996 Donald Marcum Artillery
September 1996 Paul Oliveira Maj. Henry H. Young, Chief of Scouts
October 1996 Jim Rocha Col. John S. Mosby
November 1996 Forth Annual Dinner Meeting  
  David M. Sullivan U.S. Marines at First Bull Run
January 1997 open meeting Round Table Discussion
February 1997 Fr. Timothy Ferguson Amos Perry, 3rd R.I. Cavalry
March 1997 Donald Yacovone A Voice of Thunder
April 1997 Wayne Rowe Appomattox Campaign
May 1997 Richard M. McMurry The Gettysburg Splash
June 1997 Mary Mierka Women's Contributions During the War
September 1997 Frederic Sherman Cauldwell Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman
October 1997 open meeting Ghosts and Horror
November 1997 Fifth Annual Dinner Meeting  
  Jan Turnquist portrays Harriet Beecher Stowe
January 1998 Paul Archetto Gen. George A. Custer
February 1998 Robb Dimick portrays Abraham Lincoln
March 1998 Gregg Mierka Gen. George Sears Greene
April 1998 Maury Klein The Coming of the War
May 1998 view collections at Newport Artillery Company
June 1998 John Moon Fort Warren, Boston Harbor
September 1998 open meeting Round Table Discussion
October 1998 Joseph Sullivan The Blue, the Gray, and the Red
November 1998 Sixth Annual Dinner Meeting  
  Harry Dapper The Great Dan Sickles
January 1999 Mark Dunkelman Those Damned Dutchmen
February 1999 view Lincoln collection of Judge Frank J. Williams
March 1999 open meeting Round Table Discussion
April 1999 Bruce Trinque Confederate Battle Flags at Pickett's Charge
May 1999 Mark Dunkelman Gettysburg's Unknown Soldier
June 1999 Joseph H. Geden Confederate Capt. James D. Bulloch
September 1999 Seventh Annual Dinner Meeting  
  Harry Roach Mathew Brady's World
January 2000 open meeting Round Table Discussion
February 2000 William Rosengren Brands and Music in a Prismatic Society
March 2000 open meeting Book Review
April 2000 Samuel Hough R.I. at Antietam, Robert Hale Ives
May 2000 Societe d'Europe portrays European Observers and Officers
July 2000 open meeting Discussion of Battles
September 2000 Jim Matthews Capt. Brian McKay, U.S. Navy
October 2000 Tom and Deb Goodrich A State of Siege: Kansas, 1854-1865
November 2000 Eighth Annual Dinner Meeting  
  Earl McElfresh Maps and Mapmakers of the Civil War
January 2001 Edwin C. Bearss The Knoxville Campaign
February 2001 Bruce Trinque Infantry Tactics
March 2001 open meeting Discussion of Generals
April 2001 Brent Nosworthy Tactical Developments in the 1850s
May 2001 view collections at John Hay Library, Brown University
June 2001 Michael Vorenberg Lincoln, the War, and Abolition
September 2001 David M. Jordan Gen. Gouveneur K. Warren
October 2001 David W. Blight Race and Reunion
November 2001 Ninth Annual Dinner Meeting  
  Bob Zeller The Civil War in Depth
January 2002 Meg Galante-DeAngelis Women in Civil War Era Songs and Ballads
February 2002 Mackubin Thomas Owens Robert E. Lee, Lost Cause, Revisionism
March 2002 Sara Bartlett Kady Brownell
April 2002 Bob Hall The Short Life of Pvt. William Dinsmore
May 2002 Bob Borden Patriotic Covers, Massachusetts Soldiers
June 2002 view sights at Fort Trumbell, New London, Connecticut
September 2002 Mark Dunkelman Coster Avenue Mural in Gettysburg
October 2002 Edward S. Inman III R.I. Secretary of State Broadside Project
November 2002 Tenth Annual Dinner Meeting  
  A. Wilson Greene The Breakthrough at Petersburg
January 2003 Jim Cullen Abraham Lincoln and the American Dream
February 2003 Rob Goldman 14th Rhode Island Heavy Artillery (Colored)
March 2003 Al Nofi Longstreet and his (Confederate) Ememies
April 2003 Harriette Rinaldi "No One But God and My Mother"
May 2003 Mark Dunkelman The 11th Corps at Chancellorsville
June 2003 Bruce Trinque The Cavalry Battle East of Gettysburg
September 2003 James Tackach Lincoln's Moral Vision: Second Inaugural
October 2003 John Balco portrays Gen. Ulysses S. Grant
November 2003 Eleventh Annual Dinner Meeting  
  Elizabeth D. Leonard Lincoln's Avengers
January 2004 open meeting  
February 2004 Brent Nosworthy The Bloody Crucible of Courage
March 2004 Adam Braver Mr. Lincoln's Wars
April 2004 Mark Dunkelman Sherman's March
May 2004 Jeff Fioravanti Civil War Art
June 2004 Jay Schmidt Fort Warren
September 2004 Frank Fernandes Sound on the Goose
October 2004 Jeffrey C. Hall The Stand of the U.S. Army at Gettysburg
November 2004 Twelfth Annual Dinner Meeting  
  Jacqueline Glass Campbell When Sherman Marched North from the Sea
January 2005 David Pincins The Confederate Soldier
February 2005 Mark Dunkelman Brothers One and All
March 2005 Robert Bromley Artillery
April 2005 George Geer 1st Minnesota at Gettysburg
May 2005 Patti Cassidy Frozen Glory, documentary on monuments
June 2005 Michael Chesson Exile in Richmond
September 2005 open meeting  
October 2005 Frank J. Williams Judging Lincoln
November 2005 Thirteenth Annual Dinner Meeting  
  Gordon Rhea Carrying the Flag
January 2006 Richard F. Miller The Harvard Regiment
February 2006 Dana Zaiser Civil War Tokens
March 2006 Glenn W. LaFantasie Twilight at Little Round Top
April 2006 John Proctor Henry Brown, 21st Massachusetts
May 2006 Michael Werner The Jewish Contribution in the Civil War
June 2006 Michael Chesson Journal of a Civil War Surgeon
September 2006 Barnet Schecter The Devil's Own Work, NYC Draft Riots
October 2006 Richard Rupp The 183rd Ohio at Franklin
November 2006 Fourteenth Annual Dinner Meeting  
  William Marvel Mr. Lincoln Goes to War
January 2007 Chris Oates Fighting for Home
February 2007 Steve Usler First. Lt. John K. Bucklyn, Battery E
March 2007 James Tackach Abraham Lincoln in Recent Fiction
April 2007 Jim Littlefield Coswell Tims, Slave Catcher
May 2007 Richard Lobban The Alford Brothers
June 2007 Steve Adamson Composer Henry Clay Work
September 2007 Mark Dunkelman War's Relentless Hand
October 2007 Chuck Veit How the U.S. Navy Won the Civil War
November 2007 Fifteenth Annual Dinner Meeting  
  Mark Dunkelman Marching with Sherman
January 2008 Deak Nabors Victory of Law
February 2008 Robert Grandchamp 7th Rhode Island Infantry
March 2008 Tom Craughwell Stealing Lincoln's Body
April 2008 Jim Jordan The South Ponders Civil War
May 2008 14th R.I. Heavy Artillery Living History
June 2008 Wayne Rowe 1st Company, Richmond Howitzers
September 2008 Open Meeting  
October 2008 Don Skuce Col. Dick Howard of Cowesset
November 2008 Sixteenth Annual Dinner Meeting  
  Margaret Creighton The Colors of Courage
January 2009 Jim Littlefield James Rufus Kelly
February 2009 James Tackach Recent Trends in Lincoln Scholarship
March 2009 Larry McDonald The Civil War in Miniature
April 2009 Mark Dunkelman Lincoln Through the Eyes of a Regiment
May 2009 James F. Epperson The Prisoner of War Cartel
June 2009 Sam Hough The Red Badge of Courage
September 2009 Les Rolston Long Time Gone
October 2009 Richard Katula The Eloquence of Edward Everett
November 2009 Seventeenth Annual Dinner Meeting  
  Michael Burlingame Abraham Lincoln: A Life
January 2010 Robert Grandchamp Battery G, 1st R.I. Light Artillery
February 2010 David O. Stewart Impeached: The Trial of President Andrew Johnson and the Fight for Lincoln's Legacy
April 2010 John Waghelstein Guerrillas in the Midst and/or The Dark Side
May 2010 Sam Hough Brown University in the Civil War
June 2010 Frank Grzyb Lovell General Hospital, Portsmouth Grove, R.I.
September 2010 Open Meeting  
October 2010 Calvin Goddard Zon The Good Fight That Didn't End: Henry P. Goddard's Accounts of Civil War and Peace
November 2010 Eighteenth Annual Dinner Meeting  
  Jeffry D. Wert General James Longstreet: The Confederacy's Most Controversial Soldier
January 2011 Robert Grandchamp Artifacts of the 7th Rhode Island Volunteers
February 2011 Frank J. Williams Lincoln on the Cusp of the Civil War Sesquicentennial
March 2011 Mark Dunkelman Adventures of a Civil War Historian
April 2011 James F. Epperson The Battle of Five Forks
May 2011 John H. Proctor Civil War Trivia Quiz
June 2011 Ed Norris Civil War Flags
September 2011 Theodore Gatchel Civil War Weapons, Tactics, and Technology
October 2011 Wayne Rowe Naval Operations during the Civil War
November 2011 Nineteenth Annual Dinner Meeting  
  Kevin Levin Civil War Memory and the Sesquicentennial
January 2012 Elisa Miller Women and Gender in the Civil War
February 2012 Open Meeting People of the Civil War Era
March 2012 George Proulx Civil War Music
April 2012 Thomas J. Craughwell The Greatest Brigade
May 2012 Thom Bassett The Burning of Columbia
June 2012 David E. Decker General George H. Thomas
September 2012 Frank Grzyb Lovell General Hospital
October 2012 Brian Matthew Jordan When Billy Comes Marching Home
November 2012 Twentieth Annual Dinner Meeting  
  Gerald J. Prokopowicz Did Lincoln Own Slaves?
January 2013 Taylor M. Polites The Rebel Wife
February 2013 Christian B. Keller The Savage War
March 2013 Thomas F. Morrissey Origins of Photographic Images from the American Civil War
April 2013 Daniel S. Santos General Silas Casey
May 2013 Kevin Levin Remembering the Battle of the Crater
June 2013 Chris Mackowski Chancellorsville: Crossroads of Fire
September 2013 Rev. Bob Macfarlane A Visit from General Chamberlain
October 2013 Thom Bassett Sherman, Lincoln, and Colored Troops
November 2013 Twenty-first Annual Dinner Meeting  
  Stephen Davis What the Yankees Did to Us
January 2014 Les Rolston Home of the Brave
February 2014 Megan Kate Nelson Ruin Nation
March 2014 Kevin Levin Black Confederates
April 2014 Frank Grzyb Hidden History of Rhode Island and the Civil War
May 2014 Bob Carlson Sharpshooter Weapons
June 2014 Charles C. Cox III Two Families and a Gorham Pitcher
September 2014 Paul Bourget Brigadier General George Sears Greene
October 2014 Rob Goldman 14th Rhode Island Heavy Artillery Living History
November 2014 David Moore William S. Rosecrans and the Union
January 2015 Talley Bailey Shadow Soldiers of the Confederacy
February 2015 Kevin Levin The 55th Massachusetts and the Pay Crisis
March 2015 Mark Mello Pickett’s Charge
April 2015 Walter L. Powell Gettysburg’s David Wills House
May 2015 Cathy Wright American Civil War Museum, Richmond, Virginia
June 2015 Sarah Goldberger Yorktown and the 1862 Peninsula Campaign
September 2015 Open Meeting  
October 2015 Barbara F. Berenson Boston and the Civil War
November 2015 Philip Leigh Trading with the Enemy
January 2016 Gregg Mierka Governor William Sprague and the Sprague Mansion
February 2016 Samuel Hough Brown University in the Civil War
March 2016 Kevin Levin History and Memory of the Confederate Flag
April 2016 Mark Mello General Henry Hunt
May 2016 Patrick H. Breen The Land Shall Be Deluged in Blood
June 2016 Mark Dunkelman Patrick Henry Jones
September 2016 Frank Grzyb The Last Civil War Veterans
October 2016 James Tackach Frederick William Stowe
November 2016 Twenty-second Annual Dinner Meeting Bob Zeller The Grand Review: Discoveries and Explorations in Civil War Photography
January 2017 Todd Brewster Lincoln’s Gamble
February 2017 Chuck Veit Sea Miner
March 2017 David T. Dixon The Lost Gettysburg Address
April 2017 Sharon B. Smith Stonewall Jackson’s Little Sorrel
May 2017 Wayne Rowe Artillery
June 2017 Mike DiLauro The Amasa Sprague Murder
September 2017 Jack Richer Antietam
October 2017 Open Meeting  
November 2017 Twenty-third Annual Dinner Meeting Stephen D. Engle, Gathering to Save a Nation: Lincoln and the Union’s War Governors
January 2018 Kevin Levin Understanding Confederate Monuments in the Wake of Charlottesville
February 2018 Michael McCarthy Confederate Waterloo: The Battle of Five Forks
March 2018 Meeting cancelled due to weather  
April 2018 David Prentiss Saving Democracy: Lincoln’s Political Religion and the American Pursuit of Justice
May 2018 Mark Dunkelman Gettysburg’s Coster Avenue: The Brickyard Fight and the Mural
June 2018 David Kelly The Trent Affair
September 2018 Jon Scott Logel Designing Gotham: West Point Engineers and the Rise of Modern New York, 1817-1898
October 2018 Tom Foley A Gettysburg Rock in Apponaug
November 2018 Twenty-fourth Annual Dinner Meeting Craig L. Symonds, Lincoln and His Admirals
January 2019 William C. Emerson Capt. George N. Bliss, 1st Rhode Island Cavalry
February 2019 Kevin Levin Meeting cancelled due to weather
March 2019 Megan Kate Nelson The Civil War in the (Far, Far) West
April 2019 Mark Mello The Triangular Field at Gettysburg
May 2019 Gary Morgan The Andersonville Raiders
June 2019 Wayne Rowe John Wilkes Booth and Abraham Lincoln
September 2019 Walter Powell Henry Clay Work
October 2019 Michael Vorenberg When Did the Civil War End?
November 2019 Twenty-fifth Annual Dinner Meeting James B. Conroy, Lincoln’s White House
January 2020 Kevin Levin Searching for Black Confederates
February 2020 Guntis Goncarovs Convergence of Valor: The Men of the H. L. Hunley
March 2020   Cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic
April 2020   Cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic
May 2020   Cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic
June 2020   Cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic
September 2020 Megan Kate Nelson Brig. Gen. James Henry Carleton
October 2020 David A. Kelly Jr. The Sultana Tragedy
November 2020 Dana Zaiser Money Alternatives of the Civil War
January 2021 Ben Kemp General Grant's Final Days and the Grant Cottage Historic Site
February 2021 Steven J. Ramold Obstinate Heroism: The Confederate Surrenders after Appomattox
March 2021 William Leeman West Point's War
April 2021 Mary Gorman (aka Gary Morgan) Unknown Andersonville
May 2021 David Dixon August Willich
June 2021 Carleton Young Voices from the Attic: The Williamstown Boys in the Civil War
September 2021 James Tackach Lincoln and the Natural Environment
October 2021 Patrick Donovan Tour of Varnum Armory, East Greenwich
November 2021 26th Annual Dinner Meeting Edward C. Achorn, Every Drop of Blood: The Momentous Second Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln
January 2022 Carolyn B. Ivanoff A Hard Road to Travel: From Connecticut to Gettysburg 1863
February 2022 Mark Mello A Compact with the Whale: The CSS Shenandoah’s Destructive Cruise and New Bedford’s Whaling Industry
March 2022 Phil DiMaria Battery B, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery
April 2022 Kevin Levin Robert Gould Shaw
May 2022 Leon Reed Secession in the Border States
June 2022 Stephen G. Evangelista Our Story: The Lives and Legacy of Those Who Served in Battery B, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery
September 2022 Wayne Rowe The Many Wonders of Gettysburg
October 2022 Richard Spicer The 3rd New Hampshire and Hilton Head Post Band
November 2022 27th Annual Dinner Meeting TBD

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